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A new start by Marci Mortensen

Marci and Family

Last summer my husband and I, along with our four children, made the Rogue Valley our new home. This was our second move through two states in two years, and finding the services and providers necessary for our family had proved to be a challenge. Our third child has Cerebral Palsy. She is an engaging, happy, and fun-spirited four year old, who also uses a wheelchair for mobility, has limited language, and has many other motor and developmental delays. Getting her plugged in to the many services that she needs takes time and research, and as it turns out, connections help too. That’s where Bridging Communities has been a lifeline for us.

I happened upon a booth for Bridging Communities in a local health and wellness fair a few weeks after our move to Oregon. I was desperate for any information I could get my hands on, and I bombarded them with questions. Stacy (Bridging Communities) and Heather (FACT Oregon) were so kind and gracious and sent me packing with loads of information and ways to keep in contact. I started attending the monthly parent support meetings. I learned so many gems from other parents on how to apply for DD services, where to look for preschool, the best options for therapies and orthotics, and the list goes on. Each person is at a different stage in caring for loved ones, and the unique perspectives and experiences have helped us tremendously as we try to learn and navigate a new system.

Bridging Communities provided a starting point to help us learn about the services and opportunities for our child.  It has also become a circle of people who have offered friendship, guidance and support. I’m thankful for Bridging Communities and the role it has played in helping us to easily transition to Oregon and for the connections we’ve been able to make with other families who are on a shared path.  

By Marci Mortensen


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